Work Force

Get er' done

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What jobs

The jobs are similar to the jobs we have today. There are doctors lawyers teachers. The only difference is we have workers for every one. They are kinda like slaves. These people are the unfortunates.

How Do you Get the Jobs

When you take the test you are juged on your strengths and given a job that suits all of them. Once given the job no matter if you like it or not you have to keep that job you keep it and it is illegal to try and change it.

How Old

When you turn 16 you get your job. Although you may not start it at the time (if you have special school for that job) it is yours.

Who Decides

The judges decide who gets what job. They are very good at picking strengths and finding a job to fit that. You should never doubt them.

How can it be taken away

Though there are few ways you can get Though there are few ways you can get our job taken away. Breaking any of the 6 main laws will get it taken, then no brainer laws (killing, Harming e.t.c.)

Common Jobs

A few common jobs are doctor, lawyer, teacher and keeper. These jobs are all very important to the community. The doctors perform the plastic surgerys. Lawyer do there jobs like ours would. Teachers help guide students. Keepers care for the children while they are at school. But most important are the judges who do the test.