Is it art or vadalism?


Graffiti: Cons Graffiti has its pros and cons but it is all perspective. The main con about graffiti in the view of manyis that graffiti can open the door to other “crimes” such as burglary and assault (Graffiti Hurts website 2012). Sense graffiti could possibly open the door to crime for youths; it is looked down upon by lots of individuals. Graffiti also is expensive to clean up. For example Los Angeles County had to spend 28 million dollars on graffiti removal (Graffiti Hurts." February 29, 2012). Another reason people believe graffiti is bad is because people put curse words and inappropriate images in their graffiti as a result, lots of people see graffiti as vulgar or distasteful. Another thing that is negative about graffiti is that it is often used for gangs to mark their territory. So when another gang or random person covers up the old graffiti with their own, it can start to violence and other crimes (Officer Terry Laaker.2012). Also, because gangs use graffiti it is seen in a negative point of view. Another reason that graffiti can be seen in a negative view is because it is technically destroying someone else's property (that is if it's not on your own property).


Graffiti has a lot of cons but it also has its pros. For example, graffiti is seen as a type of art to some people. Also, graffiti is a way to express oneself. Graffiti can turn a boring old brick wall into a piece of art as a result; graffiti can decorate a community in some peoples’ eyes (Gonzalez, 2012). Also, people who do graffiti are not always gang members. Some people who do graffiti are just normal people trying to make a statement. If they graffiti someone else's property without permission, then it's illegal. However, if the person graffiti's their own property or they have permission then they can legally graffiti. Another pro for graffiti is that it is a form of art (BBC.2012). As a result, graffiti is simply a way of decorating a structure. One more pro is that graffiti can display some of the most unusual and eye-popping images ever seen(


I believe that Graffiti is an art when it is used in the correct areas!
When there is a building with just one name that I believe is vandalism!
But overall Graffiti can be a beautiful thing, graffiti is a good way for one to express themselves, to feel free.


  • Graffitis not art because it is vandalism and it damages other peoples properties. Street art is acceptable because they always look nice and they have permission to do it. Most of the time graffiti is wrong and ussually vulgur. So thats why graffiti is not art because it is wrong.


I think most people think it isn't art becase they think it on someone's property with out permission. It is art because someone drew it and it usually had a meaning. Unless it was an inappropriate picture that know one would want to see.
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