Heifer International

By: Kayla Mullarkey

What this organization is:

Heifer International is an organization that consists of large scale programs all around the world that aim to meet long term needs of communities, such as improving the lives of other by improving access to income, education, sanitation, water sources, health care and infrastructure.

Our History

Heifer International was created By Dan West. Dan, a farmer from the Midwest, was apart of a church who helped out during the Spanish Civil War as an Aid worker. His mission was to provide relief to the refugees but realized it was much harder to provide that with only one cup of milk but would be easier with a whole cow. Dan drove west with the idea of "teach a man to fish" and later founded the Heifer International organization which still continues 70 years later.
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What we do

We provide communities in need with animals which provide food and agricultural products such as milk, eggs, and honey which can be traded and sold at markets for a reliable income. After theses families develop an income we help them establish building for schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, and forming community saving and funding's for small business.


Donations can be given in multiple ways. You can give a Heifer gift, donate an animal, fund a project, support sustainable farming, promote woman's empowerment, provide basic needs, and so many more gifts to these communities in need. Whether its $25 or $10,000 everything counts. Each basket or gift have different prices and all depends on which one you choose or you could just make a simple donation.