Now Where Did I Put The ________?

SkillSet Organizing April 2014

The 30 Second Rule

I tell clients that they ought to be able to find anything in their home or office in 30 seconds or less. Most of them look surprised, but really if you time out 30 seconds it can be an eternity - especially if you're looking for something like your keys! And of course, things like the Christmas decorations or your Aunt Effie's treasure trunk may not actually be accessible in 30 seconds, but you should know where the items are stored and be able to reach them when needed. So test yourself - think of an item and see if you can get to it quickly. Ready, set...GO!

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Sara's Small Steps

I talk a lot about how consistently organizing little things can make a big difference when they are all added up. This month, take time each day for a small step towards getting things in order. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Sort through your pencil/pen holder and get rid of broken or dried up writing instruments.
2. Pitch the expired food in the pantry.
3. Find three things in your closet you can donate to charity.
4. RESIST an impulse buy or a bargain when you're out shopping.
5. Delete the old emails in your inbox.
6. Download the free PaperKarma app on your phone and start getting rid of junk mail.
7. Recycle magazines over three months old.

What other small steps can you think of?

Did You Know?...April 20-26 is National Organize Your Files Week!

Celebrate by following these tips from Smead on sorting through the paper piles .

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