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Reconciliation is a process of healing relationships that requires public truth sharing, apology, and commemoration that acknowledge and redress past harms.

---- from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Principles of Reconciliation

The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association (SEDA) is honoured to host the 2020 National Debating Seminar, "Reconciliation: Making the Calls to Action a Reality". The seminar will be hosted from Saskatoon, Treaty 6 Territory on September 24 to 27, 2020.

This is a unique opportunity to gather students from across Canada to learn about our country and our ways of thinking and learning. We invite youth to have conversations about Reconciliation, listen to Indigenous histories and perspectives, and ask questions. This year's National Seminar is a tangible step towards Making the Calls to Action a Reality, and bringing awareness to the important part we each have to play in reconciliation.

Debate teaches us to be informed about the world, engage in conversations about important social issues and topics in a structured manner, and address the historical context surrounding those issues. Words are powerful. We need to think critically and with integrity.

Together, Canadians must do more than just talk about reconciliation; we must learn how to practise Reconciliation in our everyday lives – within ourselves and our families, and in our communities, governments, places of worship, schools and workplaces. To do so constructively, Canadians must remain committed to the ongoing work of establishing and maintaining respectful relationships.

---- from the Trust and Reconciliation Commission, Principles of Reconciliation

If you are interested in participating or contributing, please contact Melissa Ong, coordinator@saskdebate.com

Thank you to the National Seminar Partners and Sponsors!

French Debate

SEDA is looking forward to expanding programming opportunities for French speaking students. Muhammad Ahmed and Janie Moyen led our first debate workshop in French in about ten years. Their reflections on the experience follow:

Je suis très heureuse et fière de pouvoir donner une classe de débat en français, chose qui m'ait manqué durant ma carrière d'oratrice durant le secondaire. Je recommande a tous ceux qui parlent français, quel que soit votre niveau ou votre confiance dans la langue, de prendre un cours de débat en français, pour une expérience enrichissante et des opportunités plus saisissable!

La première classe de débat en français fut un succès pour notre équipe, considérant que ce fut le premier atelier offert en français par SEDA depuis 10 ans. Nos enseignants ont survolés les concepts de bases que tout oratrice doit connaître et ont aidé aux participants à utiliser leurs notions nouvellement apprises avec des activités.

Nous espérons pouvoir donner plus d’ateliers offerts en français durant la saison 2020-21.

Janie Moyen, Political Science Student

SEDA Debate Academy Instructor

As a French immersion speaker, teaching in French proved to be a learning experience as debate is a fast-paced, high octane activity. This was my first class that I taught in French and my first interaction with the French debate community of SEDA.

French debate offers opportunities at both the provincial and national level. It is a great opportunity to get better at speaking and understanding French; especially for students for whom French is not their first language. As schools go online, many students have lost critical opportunities to speak and practice French in the classroom. Contrary to popular perception, French debate is not dominated by French whiz kids on exchange from Paris. Rather it is a place for students who are all learning debate and honing their critical thinking skills.

There is very little reason not to try debating in French especially as many tournaments are online this year, making the opportunity cost almost zero.

Give it a go so you don’t have any regrets!

Muhammad Ahmed, Computer Science Student

SEDA Debate Academy Instructor

Late Registrations Accepted

Registration for the first two classes has closed, but we will be accepting late registrations for the rest of Debate Academy until September 21st.

With the uncertainty around extra-curricular activities and ongoing COVID-19 protocols, SEDA has launched a virtual Debate Academy to support our students' learning journey. Debate Academy is a six-week program where you learn about debate, practice skills, and prepare for tournaments.

Register as a SEDA member on our website and we will send you a course selection form!

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Meet our Fall 2020 Debate Academy instructors.

Annual General Meeting

The SEDA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday October 20th from 6:30 to 8:30pm on Zoom.

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