Mr. B's June Bright Lights

Home Stretch with plenty on our plates!

Background Explanation

As you look at the background of this page, I would like you to see all of the straws shown. This is a metaphor for sipping the times of our lives that taste so good and make us feel happy. Our school year is almost at a close, yet there is more to sip and feel the joy of learning. Thanks for being a big part of our success at school

What a great event!

Just a reminder of one of the terrific events of our school year. Too often we don't realize the impact of something special in our lives. I applaud everyone who made this evening so much for so many 4k-4th grade students. The student senate was awesome! We had many special events during the year and I hope to include more memories next week. Like the 5K animal reports show and the Balance and Motion parade of grade 1 we always look forward to.
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Writers' Workshop

From our youngest little authors in 4K, to our more experienced writers in grade four, the workshop model has allowed our students to grow in all areas of writing, including the mechanics of writing. Above is an example of persuasive writing from a third grader. I am so proud of our students and our teachers in embracing the study of writing. What growth!
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Principal's Council Reports to Board

This past board meeting, as part of its regular agenda, students present their participation in a special event or activity. Representatives of the fourth graders who sit on the Principal's Council, gave their views about how they became a part of how the school operates. Here is the school sign that the students are in charge of when the sign needs changing. School assemblies and special events are also part of their work. Thanks kids! Mr. B is very grateful for your assistance.

Mike Budisch

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend and ready to finish the school year in terrific fashion. And I hope you have many sunsets like the one in this student's artwork.