#WLECED Impacting Hearts and Minds

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 8:30-9:30 PM

Join moderator Jennifer Bond (@teambond) as we learn together!

This chat will focus on the many ways we can impact the hearts and minds of our students, as well as community members. Some topics include Service Learning, Makerspaces, and even the new ESSA legislation. Here are the questions:

Q1: What philanthropic activities has your school participated in this year? Share your stories! #wleced

Q2: We live in a democracy that only has power when each citizen contributes. How can we prepare children to be active citizens? #wleced

Q3: Have you ever integrated service learning into your curriculum? If so, share example...if not, how could you? #wleced

Q4: If you had a chance to explore Learning to Give, what did you think? How could this benefit our students? #wleced

Q5: Last week the Every Student Succeeds Act (#ESSA) was signed to replace NCLB. Have you checked it out? What are your thoughts? #wleced

Q6: There is emphasis on a “Well-Rounded Education” and STEAM in #ESSA. How will this impact our students and schools? #wleced

Q7: The Arts are now defined as “core academic subjects.” What role do the arts play in education? Life? #wleced

Q8: Makerspaces can help integrate art, critical thinking, creativity, and student pride. What experience do you have with makerspaces? #wleced

Q9: Robots, circuits, drones, and building kits are on many holiday lists. What toys/tools are you interested in? #wleced

What Is Philanthropy