Jasmin Galindo-Justo

Help Us Stop Indoor Air Pollution

Do you really want to live like this? In a world where even your home is polluted? Well you do not have to. If we work together we can fix this problem. We can stop indoor air pollution. And we need to do it IMMEDIATELY!

Contributors & Their Effects

What Can I Do ?

Dust Mites: You should repair leaks and seepage. Keep water reservoirs clean and control the exposure to pets.

Smoking: What you can do is stop smoking or smoke in a different room that is ventilated to outside.

Combustion Products: You should have professionals come in and inspect your appliances. They should be vented to outside.

Cleaning Supplies: You should check the products you buy to see if they are environment friendly.

You should keep your house clean at all times because that way it decreases the risk of you getting getting health problems. You live in your house and you take in the air that is there.

Let's Be Healthy!

There is a problem. We need to fix it. We can do this. Change the way you do things. You will benefit from it, I assure you that !