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Professional Learning Session 11-11-15

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Breaking the Ice

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Transforming Education : Will Richardson at (co)lab summit 2013
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Reflecting on Will Richardson

  • What confuses you most right now about how to take on technology integration?
  • How are you (as a teacher) being challenged to be different and not only better?

Padlet Response (Number at Table)

  • Review the Table in the Resources Above with Generation P and Teachers as Designers. Read Further and Focus In--Think About . . .
  • What Are the Implications of That For Our Classrooms?

  • Number Off at the Table up to 7 (Restart if More than 7)
  • Look at The Questions Below and Answer the Question In the Padlet From the Lens of Teacher As Designer
  • Number Your Question and Put Your Name in Your Padlet Response (Address below)

http://padlet.com/drurobinett/ft3ri6285oa (QR Code Below)
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Many Thanks to the Chicas Below . . .

Finish the Sentence . . .


Let's Apply--Students (As Creators) Using These Tools--Not Solely You Using the Tools to Teach Students

Group 1**-Photo Grid (iPad)

Group 2** --Popplet (iPad)

Group 3-Smore

Group 4-Kahoot It and Google Forms

Group 5**--Educreations (either--iPad)

Group 6--Poll Everywhere & Google Drive (docs or slide)

Group 7**--Comparison or Sorting Webs via Ideament or SpiderScribe (iPad)

Group 8-Infographic with Picktochart

** Groups 1, 2, and 7 should Use Available iPads--(1-2 per group)

**Group 5 may use Available iPad

  • Choose a Subject Area and Grade Level
  • Consider upcoming TEKS or Content
  • Study How the Particular Technology Tool will be used
  • Assume the Role of Students and Actually Create a Product/Do the Work Using that Tool
  • If you complete one within the time allotted, attempt a second use and be prepared to discuss ways you may use this tool in your own grade level/subject area

Possible Examples:

Group 1--Kindergarten Math--2 dimensional shapes or 3 dimensional solids- Scavenger Hunt Around The School Or Classrooms Using Photogrid

Group 2-2nd Grade Text Features--Find a Second Grade Article or Text in the Literacy Library. Have students note and illustrate text features using Popplet (include photos)

Group 3-4th Grade Social Studies--Students summarize the contributions of key individuals in Texas History using Smore.


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LUNCH IS SET for 11:30-1:00--BE IN YOUR AFTERNOON LOCATIONS @ 1:00 p.m. Sharp