Catastrophic Events:Droughts

By: Jonathan Gerhart and Collin Franklin

Quick Definition:

A drought is caused when the sky doesn't precipitate in any way for extended periods of time, making the inflicted area very dehydrated. One can happen in any part of the world.

Effects On the Living Environment:

During a drought, the depletion of water can cause animals to die from either dehydration (obviously), lack of food (which may have died from dehydration), or from overheating. Plants can die from dehydration, also.

Effects On the Non-Living Environment:

If a drought is dry enough, heavy erosion, predominantly caused by wind, can occur, shifting sediments en mass, because the soil is so depleted of water. Considerable water imbalance, water shortages, stream flow reduction(flow of ground/surface water), etc. can also be caused.

Effects On Humans and Human Activities:

While a drought is in effect, human towns and cites often encounter water shortages/run out of water. Farmers often suffer crop damage.


In 2010, a drought started in the city of Lubbock, Texas, which still goes on today. The city is currently in Stage 1 of the Drought Contingency Plan. Its driest year ever was 2011, where they got only 14.8 inches of water, instead of their 28 inch average.