Kevin Hart

Childhood and Early Life

Childhood and young life

He was born in Philadelphia 1979 on July 6. He is 5.6.He when't to community college of Philadelphia. His inspired by Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Seinfeld.

How his impacted people's life

His life as a comedian is very good for his life because he likes to make people laugh, and he is very good at it to. But that's not the point the point is that it is also good for the people that liaison.

What makes him special

What makes him special is that he toke risks like becoming a comedian. It code work out it code not and that's what makes it risky.

The reason why I picked him

The reason i picked him is that he is a very funny guy.And he inspires me, and a lot of other people to. Almost every time i see him he makes me laugh.And i gust love it when i laugh, and he makes me laugh. And what I learned was that he lived in Philadelphia and he's 35 years old.

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