Thane of Glamis

Murder, Lies, Ambition!

Watch the mystery unfold when you read the fascinating story of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Your heart will race when you learn what measures Macbeth will take to secure his place as King of Scotland. Nothing will prepare you for the deception and ruthlessness of Macbeth and his wife!


How I felt about this story

After reading this play, I had mixed feelings about the protagonist, Macbeth. While I despised his overly ambitious goals that led to ruthless and murderous actions, I also felt pity for him. I don't think he wanted to be a cold-blooded murderer and he let his indecisiveness, fear, and willingness to please his wife to take over his judgement. His guilty conscience showed me that he really didn't feel comfortable with his actions, despite the desired outcome.

Benjamin Runsdorf

Period 5

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