of 2013


Hey this is kelvin once again given you the top 10 video games of the 2013 year


Come in at #10 is army of two this great co-op game is about well an army of two people


Coming in once again another great assassin creed game the black flag after the third one you think they couldn't get any well they did try out this sick game


Animal crossing the new leaf this game lets you play as tiny little animals and you are the new mayor and the game is endless what will do ?


In the year 1912 a secret agent named Booker DeWitt your target to free Elizabeth from life in prison as you make a bold escape you realize you are in a flying city


As Ares tries to get redemptions for his sins 6 months after Kratos stood before the bodies of his wife and children Ares will he get his revenge?



you play as tom an assassin killing for what he believes in


The brand new battle field game has come its about time. this game is just like the other battle field games you go around shooting people yay


NBA 2K14 is another great basketball game after 17 years of making this game the graphics are amazing and who doesn't like basketball come on


In second a play station three game the last of us. this game is about two people living through the horrors of life as the world gone dark and people turn on people and you can trust no one
The Last of Us - Story Trailer


The monument you've been waiting for is no big surprise grand theft auto five as franklin Trevor and Michele team up to make an amazing free roaming game