America's lies...

The Japanese Disappear

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the Japanese were relocated to interment camps. Many Americans were uneducated about the relocation, and the ones that knew about it were lied to. They were shown a different side of the camps that was the opposite of the Japanese's reality.
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Japanese Movie

The Americans were gaining money from the Pearl Harbor attack from selling the film. They were glorifying the attack and the diverting the attention from the Japanese relocation. They were selling the Japanese's dismay. On the ad, there is a picture of a Japanese bomber and his face is made to look like he's angry and mean, but in front of the screen there is a group of of Americans enjoying the film. What they don't know is that many Japanese Americans are being shipped away to camps while they enjoy a film which put them in the camps in the first place.
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The Japanese people were segregated from other Americans during and after the war. In this picture it shows a Japanese family that is looking at a building. On the building is the words "NO JAPS WANTED" spray painted on the wall. The Japanese people had to deal with racism even after the war and they were alienated from everyone else at this time. They weren't allowed in certain places and they were treated like the enemy.

The Truth

The Japanese Americans were treated poorly and the government tried to convince the American population that the Japanese were willing to move away to camps, when in reality, they were forced to. The Americans excluded the Japanese and portrayed them in unflattering ways to make Americans look better. The Japanese people were living a rough life compared to their life before the war and most Americans had no idea what they were going through.