Changing Careers

Changing to being a Software Developer

Tip #1 Analysis

First you need to take in serious consideration why you want to change. This is usually because there is something that interests you more. Also think about why you don't like your current job.

Tip #2 Research

The second thing you wanna do is conduct research about the company and new career that you are interested in. This is important so you are prepared to take on the new career.

Tip #3 Education

The third tip to follow that is important is to have education and training about the career you want to change too. This includes going to college and working with people in that career. Having the proper education can make the job easier and you will be more likely to be hired.

Tip #4 Networking

Tip 4 includes networking, getting in touch with people can help with a job lead an more information about the company you want to work for. Having an open network helps get the job faster and helps you not be confused.
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Tip #5 Experience

Tip 5 involves gaining experience, you can do this by applying for a part time job and also foreshadow people that work in that career.

Tip #6 Savings

The next tip includes getting prepared to change careers. When changing careers you want to save up money from six months of pay from your current job. This will definitely help in the future while you are trying to find a job.
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Tip #7 Skill Analysis

Tip 7 includes being able to find a career in which you could use the skills you have currently from your current career. This makes it easier when you make the change because you'll be able to have everything you need and not have trouble starting out.
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Tip #8 Consideration

When making the change, try not to Criticize the company that you worked for before. Keep an open mind and be optimistic about your options. This is important for finding opportunities that is right for you.
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