Description article By: Ella Orengo

Edith The Underdog

Some people ask what a underdog is? Most people say it a sports team accomplishing something. Others say persevering through an adversity. Well the thing is they're all correct. During WWII a twelve year old Jewish German girl named Edith Westerfeld who I think is the best example of an underdog because without knowing one day her parents sent her on a ship going to the U.S. They did this so Edith would have a better life since the Nazi party was closing in on their town. Edith didn’t know why she was leaving her home, she thought everything was great and when she asked them why she was leaving they ignored her questions. When she got to the U.S she see told herself that the most important thing to do in in this new country was to earn enough money so her parents could come to America. She attended school and was picked on instantly. For example some of the names were Dirty Jew, Dirty Kraut, Goldilocks, etc. After reading this article what do you think an underdog is?

Information from The book Motherland and Is It Night Or Day by : Fern Schumer Chapman

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