By:Amanda Orozco

Social Hierarchy

The social hierarchy is considered to has what job someone has and how much money they make. For example a priest is in the higher class than a farmer.

There are many classes in the social hierarchy, but in this hierarchy there were only 8 classes.

In the highest class laid the pharaoh/king and the gods.

The king or Pharaoh was their president and they ruled small/large cities.

The gods looked over these pharaohs and people. If they didn't appreciate them the gods would bring wars and floods, but if they did appreciate than then the sun would shine and it would be very peaceful.

Beneath the highest class laid the nobles.

The nobles were their generals and advisors. They were the only ones that could hold a government post.

In the third class laid the priest, government, and officials

These people were in charge of collecting taxes, there were the rulers of the justice system.

Scribes were in the 4th class

keep track of records using different pictures, they didn't have to pay taxes, and they became very wealthy.

underneath the scribes were the soldiers

the soldiers were offered to ride in high class chariots and items like that, if they found treasure during battle they could keep it, and as payment they had land to train on.

This is where the lower class started to form.

The artists, Artisans, and architects were

They worked in teams, they were skilled workers, very few were allowed to work in royal workshops.

Farmers and peasants were next

Most of them were canal diggers and they were the ones who moved the stones.

Some of them were hunting animals, tending fields, and they could pay taxes using crops.

The last class was slaves

They worked for people, they also work on farms, and they even worked on buildings.

What would Life as a child would be?

Life as a child would be harsh if you lived in the lower class. It would be harsher than an upper class child because you had to help your parents with their work. Their work wasn't as easy going as the upper class. If you were a child that lived in the upper class than you could do what you desire because your parents would have jobs that children are not allowed to work at or it is too complicated for them to understand. If I had a choice I would like to live in the lower class because I would spend time with my family and I could teach my kids how to do things that they are supposed to do (in their caste).

An advancement that is most valuable to us has to be agriculture.

I think agriculture is most valuable to us because without this skill we wouldn't be here. Agriculture is the practice of farming and rearing the animals to make wool, clothes, and so on. Without agriculture we would die from starvation or from the coldness. This is why agriculture is the most valuable advancement to have and most important skill.

The geography of a region affect the way people live.

Some land features that helped make the civilization possible is fertile soil. Fertile soil helps people develop farms, so that the farms produce food. You need to be near a body of water because that helps with farming, fishing, and your basic needs.

A government establish and maintain order in a society by LAWS.

Some of these laws were based on property, stealing, slaves, and money. The laws were for all!!!