Lion Fish (Pterois)

Grab your spear and join us to hunt this invasive species!

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Just keep swimming

Lion fish live in the Indian Pacific Ocean. They have invaded the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Caribbean Sea.

Not the grouper!

Humans let lion fish into the wild, where they have no predators and can easily feast on small fish, including important commercial species such as snapper and grouper.
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Lion fish numbers will continue to grow and there is little we can do to help.

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Lion fish fun facts!

-Lionfish can inflict a painful, agonizing sting or stab from any of their 13 dorsal, 3 anal, or 2 pelvic spines. The spines are defensive only and are not used in hunting.

-A lionfish’s stomach can expand to 30 times its normal size!

-When females find an area where the male Lion Fish can fertilize their eggs they will lay mucus-encapsulated clusters of 2,000 to 15,000 eggs so they can be fertilized.

Lion fish game

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