By Lirynathingrid (Lily, Ryan, Nathan, Ingrid)


Welcome to Scientopia!™ This is a world where science meets fun! Read the directions then you're ready to play! Are you ready to see who the real science whiz is?
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What is needed:

  • Scientopia!™ game board
  • 1 die
  • Instructions
  • Pawns
  • 24 trivia questions
  • 2-5 players to enjoy the fun!


The object of Scientopia!™ is to reach the rainbow finish line prior to your fellow opponents. But beware, for there are many roadblocks along the way.


Put the game question cards to the side of the board face down. They should be organized by color and you should have four stacks of six cards each. Now put all of the player's pawns at start. The person with the longest hair goes first. After their turn, rotate to the right and play in this order.
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If you are the player with the longest hair, roll the die. Count ahead however many spaces your die shows. Say you roll a four. Count ahead to the fourth spot on the game board and see what color the space is, but don't move your pawn yet. The player to your right draws a card that matches the color you would go to. The player must read the question on the card out loud to the player who's turn it is. Give the player thirty seconds to answer the question. If you get it right, advance your pawn to the spot you would land on. If you get the question wrong, remain where you are. Once the player has moved their pawn, place the card at the bottom of the corresponding stack. Keep in mind that if you encounter a road block on the space you landed on, you must answer the question correctly first, then follow the directions on the space.

After the first player's turn is over, pass the die to the player on their right and follow the same rules as above.


If you get two questions in a row wrong, you must go to jail. In order to get out of jail, you must either roll a one or a six. Once you get out of jail, you must place your pawn on the space right behind the player in last place. Play the rest of your game out from there. If you land on the space that says, "Go to jail," immediately go to jail. You don't have to draw a card and answer the question. If you are in jail and roll a six or one, that is considered your turn. Do not draw a card and pass the turn to the next player.