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Technology from Rome and Greece

Technology from Rome

Roads are important to rome because they can transport men, messages, food and supplies.

Step by step about making roads in Rome

The surveys measure the to make sure that the roads are straight and leveled.

The romans who made the roads made ditch with retaining walls to keep the water out. Then they put in stones and mortar to keep things together.

Next they put in gravel in and after that they put in slab surface.

Roads are Helpful

In are time right now roads are helpful to use, the help cars and other things. But Rome was amazing at building roads. They had amazing builders making them. It took them days to make the roads or months. They said that rome is a heart because all the roads are connected to it.

Technology from Greece

Many things were invented in Greek but many good ones not even the romans can think of.

Odometer is a dispute around the Greek inventor of the odometer as some say it was the Hero of Alexandria while others claim that it was Archimedes. The invention of the odometer helped the ancient Greek civilization by boosting its economy.

Map was made by the Greek scientist Anaximander was the first who conceptualized the ideas of longitude and latitude. Later, Strabo and Eratosthenes created maps spanning the world.

Thermometer was the original concept of the current thermometer dates back almost 2,000 years. The Greeks of Alexandria were the first who figured out how air expands when exposed to high temperatures. Philo of Byzantium was the first to apply this technique.

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