Red Power!

Victorious British!

The Great Navy

Here in Britain we have the best navy in the world. This is something that Britain has taken great pride in. All of our naval ships are owners to many cannons. The ships are of good size and hard to beat. If you plan on joining our great military then the navy is highly suggested due to safety and the job at duty.

Advantages over the Patriots

We have many advantages over the measily Patriots. These include our firearms, our leaders, our soldiers, and obviously our great navy. We have much more gunpowder and own many more weapons. We also have great and smart leaders. We are veterans considering we already fought in the French and Indian War and we won. We have trained soldiers and many of them. We outnumber the Patriots by a great amount. We also have some loyalists in the colonies which will give us a big advantage for the war.

Weaknesses of the Patriots

The weaknesses of the Patriots are hard to miss. They have zero experience when it comes to war. They don't actually even have a military. They just have simple little small town militias. They also have very little money and few people. The Patriots have the weakest navy in the world to the point that it shouldn't even be considered a naval force. it has about the same quality of armed fishing boats. They also own no cannons and we own many of them.