Friday Flight

October 28- November 1

Thank you!!!

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone for the thoughtful gifts on Boss's Day and for simply taking time to come to my office together that morning during what was such an extra busy week. Thank you! Like I told Dr. Harris on his visit that afternoon, I feel like I'm exactly where I should be and it has been really wonderful getting to know all of you. I know we're going to continue to work together to make a wonderful impact on children and families! Keep sharing your good work with one another.

Have a great weekend!


Obvious to you. Amazing to others. - by Derek Sivers

Math Walk-throughs

As a follow up to Faith's e-mail, please note that Meredith McCormick (Curriculum Coordinator) and Danielle Moran (Hawthorne Principal) will be visiting Lowell math classes between 9 a.m. and noon on Wednesday, December 4th. They have our master schedule and will only visit classes that teach math during that time. You should NOT move your math to the morning if you normally have it in the afternoon; keep it at your scheduled time. Again, this is not evaluative for you specifically, but the general findings will help principals and the curriculum people best support teachers. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be doing walk-throughs between now and Thanksgiving, too.

November 1 Institute Day Afternoon Agenda

We'll see you from 12:30-3 pm in the Lowell LLC!

  • Teambuilding
  • Building Updates (Committee Structure, Discipline Referrals)- Kathy Melton
  • Monitored Independent Reading Session 3- Laura Baumann, Laura MacLeod, & Katerina Rallis
  • Lexia- Laura Baumann, Laura MacLeod, & Katerina Rallis
  • School-wide behavior visioning- Jackie Croci & Kathy Melton
  • Social Emotional Learning: Module 2- Kathy Melton

Please see district e-mail from Faith Dahlquist for morning agenda and afternoon department meetings.

Evaluation Forms

As we work through the new evaluation software, I'd like to remind you about the following:

  • The Formal Pre-Observation Conference Form and Professional Responsibilities & Data Sheet should be submitted prior to our pre-conference.

  • The Teacher Self-Reflection Matrix should be submitted between the observation and the post-conference. In this matrix, which looks just like the one I fill out for you, you must rate yourself in every domain. Please add evidence in the comments sections, especially in areas where you have rated your self either above or below proficient. Please see me if you have any questions about this. It is rigorous, but I think you'll find it beneficial as you reflect on your practice.

Long Term Planning

As we keep communication within school and with our parent community a priority, please communicate any important dates that parents may need to know. We're going to fine-tune a process so that you can submit your calendar dates in one place rather than recording them on multiple calendars. Hopefully, I'll be able to share that as soon as next Friday. In the meantime, the following dates have been set. Please be thinking about special events that you or others in our building may host so we can plan for timely communication of those events.

  • November 21-Circus in PE
  • December 4- District math walk-throughs in a.m.
  • December 16- Winter Concert
  • May 3- Lowell 5K
  • June 3- Discovery Day

Tech Tip- Padlet

Padlet is like a set of online, collaborative post-it notes. Our School Instructional Team used it on Wednesday morning to share successes here at school. You go here to read more about collaboration, layouts, privacy, and the other features that make this a cool free tool. Let me know if you use it!

Lowell Classifieds

  • Need a white board easel? There is one from the Staff Center; please take it before November 1 if you would like it.
  • Do you have anything in the upstairs attic here at school? If so, let Kathy know and be sure if it is labeled. The Wheaton Fire Department has asked us to give some special attention to that area.

Standards Based Grading Corner

Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading

Patricia L. Scriffiny

With all of the dialogue as we work to better understand and implement Standards Based Grading, I will periodically add articles and blog posts that can help shape your understanding of that philosophy. Please note that this section isn't 'required reading', but you may find it interesting as you consider your own educational philosophy.

Happy Birthday!

Next Week's Events

* Please remember that we've not yet had our fire drill with the Wheaton Fire Department yet... :)

Monday, October 28

Tuesday, October 29

  • Chorus; before school in Music Room
  • ELL Tutoring; 3:30-5 p.m. in LLC

Wednesday, October 30

  • Kathy leaves @ 3; serving on North Central College principal panel for student teachers.

Thursday, October 31

  • Battle of the Books; 8 a.m. in LLC
  • Halloween Parade; 2 p.m. (parties to follow)

Friday, November 1

  • Institute Day- Please follow district schedule in the a.m. & report to Lowell from 12:30-3 (See agenda details above.)
  • District online GCN Trainings are due!!

Junior League of DuPage County Teacher Grants

Interested in pursuing a grant? Read here about an opportunity for the Junior League of Kane and DuPage counties. The deadline for application is January 15.