Morgie Dudlicek

The Great Depression: America's Economic Downfall

The Great Depression was one of times America's economy was poor. This caused people to lose jobs, causing them not to be able to buy any necessities. Even so, many people found ways around this such as selling food for 5 cents, making it affordable for families out of the job. People even offered free soup for the unemployed. The cause of this memorable event in history was an economic downfall in October, 1929. Consumer spending and investment dropped, leading into steep increases of unemployed people. This is because they companies/businesses didn't have enough money to pay their workers. Year after year, more people were becoming unemployed and homeless, causing America's production industry to drop sharply. Even though we've overcome this horrible adversity, it has left a reminder of what happened forever in American history.

The Problems of Eleanor Roosevelt

From rejection to acceptance, Eleanor Roosevelt is a well-known figure in American history. It first started out when her mother. The problem was that she wanted a boy. Instead, she got Eleanor and could care less for her. Her father Elliot on the other hand, gave as much affection as he could, helping Eleanor get past the fact her mother rejected her. This came to an end when her father became an alcoholic and checked himself into a mental institution, never seen again by Eleanor. Before this occurred, Eleanor got two younger brothers, the eldest of the two looking up to Eleanor. Her mother was ecstatic to have two boys. She spent all her time showing affection to them and none to Eleanor. This problem caused her to become shy, scared and anti-social. Karma must've taken affect, because some months later her mother grew ill, the only thing to ease the pain was Eleanor stroking her forehead. After losing her mother and a brother, she went with her relatives where she was teased for being an ugly ducking. She was often compared to her beautiful mother, she had a crooked spine and teeth that sort of stuck out. Her peers often joined in on the teasing, so she had no friends. Even so, she found love with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They grew up and got married. Later though, Franklin got polio and was paralyzed in the lower half of his body. This created a huge problem: How would he be able to lead the country when he can't get around? The solution was for Eleanor to do it. The issue is that she had stage fright. She got over it quickly for Franklin and the country blossomed. The last problem she faced was her husband's death. She stated, "It's over." and grew unhappy. She may have died unhappy, but her inspiring life stories helped many others gain happiness.

Rudy, the Story of a Regular Teenager

Rudy, a Notre Dame football player had a lot to get through. This is because: His family rejected his idea of him going to college, them laughing and listing every reason why he can't such as, "You're not smart enough." The only person he could go to was Pete, and he died in a fire explosion at work. Also, he struggled through trying to get into the college. He was dyslexic, which means when you read the letters are mixed up and get confused for others to the bearer of this. His grades also weren't that good, and his teachers rejected his applications (such as when they were allowed to go on a tour through the college but he couldn't because of his "stupidity") until he worked hard to raise them. When he finally did get into college AND on the team, he was never set up to play. He had the heart to do it, but not the skill. The last game of his senior year, everyone chanted for him and they let him play the last 7 seconds of the game, which made a huge impact on the score. They all cheered for him, and his family even showed up to watch. He has been the only player carried off the field and still has to this day.

Listening to Your Heart

Robin Allens desperately wanted to be a dancer, she didn't show the skill "needed" to be one. Even so, she had the heart for it. First, she had to make time in her schedule. She often stayed late after her time at work was up. Due to her signing up for dance lessons, she started leaving work on time. Next, she had to ignore people she knew and loved. Everyone, even her parents told her to give up. Her parents even said things such as, "If the skill isn't there, you shouldn't waste your time." Finally, she gained the skill and danced her heart out. No matter what anybody said, she still continued to dance and it was worth it.

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