Eagle's Eye View

Parent Edition, 1 February 2016

From the Principal's Desk / Desde el escritorio del director

Dear Parents and Families,

I am excited about the opportunity to share with you all some recommendations of what you can do at home in order to help with the Spanish language acquisition of your child. The link below offers 6 ideas for you and your children. One of our main focuses this year has been to increase the target language spoken by our students. These students are wonderful children and we have been having a great time enhancing their language learning. In doing so, we invite you to help, as well, and even learn a little Spanish yourselves if you would like. The website translates everything into Spanish or English. Just look at the top right corner for the language options. And, as always, I thank you for your dedication to your child's education at home. The teachers at our wonderful school are spending countless hours preparing for educational excellence and it is an honor to work with them in this endeavor. Nevertheless, the more involved parents can be at home the better for the child's learning. For this reason, I want to offer all I can to you all, and I sincerely thank you for all you do. This is the best educational family ever and I am proud of our school, our teachers, and our parents!

I wish you the very best and many blessings!


Sr. Kellito


Estimados Padres y Familias,

Estoy muy emocionado por la oportunidad de compartir con ustedes algunas recomendaciones de lo que usted puede hacer en casa con el fin de ayudar con la adquisición de la lengua española de su hijo. El siguiente enlace ofrece 6 ideas para usted y sus hijos. Uno de nuestros principales focos de este año ha sido el aumento de la lengua meta hablada por nuestros estudiantes. Estos estudiantes son hijos maravillosos y hemos estado teniendo un gran tiempo mejorarando su aprendizaje de idiomas. Al hacer eso, te invitamos a ayudar, así, e incluso aprender un poco a sí mismos español si desean. La página web se traduce todo en español o inglés. Mirar a la esquina superior derecha de las opciones de idioma. Y, como siempre, le doy las gracias por su dedicación a la educación de su hijo. Los profesores de nuestra escuela maravillosa pasan incontables horas preparando para la excelencia educativa y es un honor trabajar con ellos en este esfuerzo. Sin embargo, los padres más involucrados en casa pueden mejorar el aprendizaje del niño. Por esta razón, quiero ofrecer todo lo que pueda a todos ustedes, y yo sinceramente les agradezco por todo lo que hacen. ¡Esta es la mejor familia educativa nunca y me siento orgulloso de nuestra escuela, nuestros maestros y nuestros padres! ¡Le deseo lo mejor y muchas bendiciones!


Sr. Kellito


Vision Statement

One Child, Two Languages- Unlimited Possibilities

Un Niño, dos Lenguas- Posibilidades Ilimitadas

Mission Statement

We will provide and assist each student with a well-rounded and differentiated education that is centered around the immersion of the Spanish language and cultures to prepare them for a more global society.

Proveeremos y ayudaremos a cada estudiante con una educación diferenciada y completa que se centralice en la inmersión del lenguaje Español y sus culturas para prepararlos para una sociedad más global.

PTA News

Friendship Grams For Sale!

Blow Pop $1.00

3 Assorted Puzzle Erasers $3.00

Bundle of 2 Blow Pops and 3 Assorted Puzzle Erasers $4.00

Class set of Blow Pops $20.00

4th graders will be collecting money and cards….
February 2 - before and after school
February 4 - before and after school
February 9 - before and after school and at PTA meeting
February 10 - before school - LAST DAY TO COLLECT MONEY

Please make checks to Zarrow PTA.

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Log Your Volunteer Hours

We’re making it easier for you to log your volunteer hours. In addition to the white binder in the front office where you can write in your hours, there’s now a convenient online option. Visit the school website zarrow.tulsaschools.org, look under the main PTA tab and click on Volunteer Hours. Once the page opens select the email link, add up your hours and hit send. You’re putting in the time and effort, so make your hours count!

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Don't be an airhead!

Join us Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

This righteous, adult-only shin-dig will feature food from Tulsa's primo restaurants, drinks, silent and live auctions, bead game, and much more.

Bomb Diggity!

Tickets are available now - visit http://zis.schoolauction.net/vz2016/

• Donate silent auction items or SIGN UP to donate a silent auction basket for a chance to win 2 General Admission tickets: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E0C4CADAD2DA0FE3-silent

• Get donated gift cards or wine bottles valued at $20 or more for the Gift Card Pull and Wine Pull

• Watch for opportunities to volunteer!


Foundation Focus

· Zarrow Days at Tulsa Children’s Museum – As a thank you for the success we had with our Superhero SOS campaign, a Foundation donor has donated two Zarrow Days at the Tulsa Children’s Museum where you and your family can come free of charge.

o For Pre-K through 2nd grade, please come on Sunday, February 7 from noon to 3pm.

o For 3rd through 5th, please come on Sunday, February 14 from noon to 3pm.

o If you have multiple children at Zarrow, please come as a family to the date for your youngest child.

· Banner sales continue. If you own a business, work at a business, or know someone who owns or works at a business, please tell them about the fence line advertising opportunity at Zarrow to support Foundation. Go to zarrowschoolfoundation.org/banner-ads

· 2015 Tax Receipts are in the process of being emailed out. We are giving receipts to those who gave more than $100, but if you did not give this amount and would like a receipt, we will be happy to provide it.

· Next Foundation meeting is Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 6:30 at Tamika Crissup’s house.


Counselor's Corner

My wise ninety-one year old mother always stressed that an education is something nobody can ever take away from me. Upon having grandchildren, I decided I wanted to contribute to their gift of a college education. I researched a good plan to invest in for college. Ultimately the plan I selected is the Oklahoma College Savings Plan (OCSP). If you want more information, I encourage you to go to www.529oklahoma.org. A college education is expensive no matter where an individual goes to school. The sooner you start saving, the sooner you can take advantage of the compounding effect of time on your contributions.

Grandpappy and Gah, my grandparents, gave me a savings bond on my birthday and Christmas. It was not exciting as the gift of a toy when I was a child. However, I appreciated the gift they gave me when I was older. Their influence is why I contribute on birthdays and Christmas to the college fund for each of my four grandchildren.

Several of the benefits of putting money into an OCSP account for your child is more than just parents can contribute to it. Secondly, small amounts invested on a regular basis can add up and benefit from the power of tax-deferred compounding. And when you put money into an OCSP there is a tax advantage for residents of Oklahoma. Money that is put in when a child is young has more opportunity to grow than money put in when the child enters high school.

Education opens the door to a brighter future. It is a precious gift. Because I hold this belief to be true during our Character Education assemblies I encourage children to be responsible in their learning so they can go to college or vocational school of their choice.

Thank you for letting me be a part of the good things that are happening at Zarrow!

Ann Butler


upcoming events

Upcoming events:

Pre-K round up: February 1 - 5. Enroll online at www.tulsaschools.org/enroll

Pre-enroll to your home school and select ZIS in the section for transferring to another site. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 918-746-9180

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

February 6 - Eileen Schaumleffle

February 7 - Sara Caballero Gorriz

February 14 - Ann Butler

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."

- Nelson Mandela