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November 30, 2021

  • New Elementary Ebooks
  • Computer Science and Coding Resources
  • Use AEA Scout to Find Documentaries
  • Culture Grams and Standards
  • Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit
  • Professional Readings, New Reports and School Libraries
  • Just Wanted to Share the Excitement

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New Elementary Ebooks

A district recently recommended some beginning chapter book series. We hope your elementary students find a favorite among the 200+ titles! If you'd like to include an author study when you share these series, we've linked author information from

Titles and annotations are here.

MARC records are here.

Partial series list:

Titles in Spanish:

  • Ulises y los diez mil bigotes / Estrada, Jorge
  • Un amigo para Dragon / Pilkey, Dav
  • El tramposo de BMX / Maddox, Jake
  • Tiro libre / Maddox, Jake
  • Sundaes con Harriet Tubman / Steinkraus, Kyla
  • Sonadores / Morales, Yuvi
  • El rancho del misterio / Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • El rebelde de la patineta / Maddox, Jake
  • Rescatadora de bichos / Cobb, Amy
  • Pastel de manzana con Amelia Earhart / Steinkraus, Kyla
  • La pasteleria del bosque salvaje / Elliot, Rebecca
  • El misterio de la casa amarilla / Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • El misterio de Mike / Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • Un monstruo en los manglares / Everett, Reese
  • Mallory se muda / Friedman, Laurie
  • Maisy y los ratones desaparecidos / Woodrum, Elizabeth
  • El lanzador bajo presion / Maddox, Jake
  • La isla de las sorpresas / Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • Instructora de gallos / Cobb, Amy
  • La gran pijamada de Eva / Elliott Rebecca
  • l festival florestastico de eva / Elliott Rebecca
  • Eva ve un fantasma / Elliott, Rebecca
  • Eva y el poni perdido / Elliott, Rebecca
  • Eva y la nueva Lechuza / Elliott, Rebecca
  • En la linea ataque / Maddox, Jake
  • Entrenadora de cabra / Cobb, Amy
  • Definicion por penales / Maddox, Jake
  • El dia de corazones calidos / Elliott, Rebecca
  • Constructora de casitas para pajaros / Cobb, Amy
  • El dia de corazones calidos / Elliott, Rebecca
  • Constructora de casitas para pajaros / Cobb, Amy
  • Clases otra vez, Mallory / Friedman, Laurie
  • Caramelo con Thomas Edison / Steinkraus, Kyla
  • Brownies con Benjamin Franklin / Anderson, J. L
  • Botones para el General Washington / Roop, Peter

Computer Science and Coding Resources

Here are a couple of excerpts from our computer science newsletter.

CS EdWeek (aka Hour Of Code Week) is December 6-12

Get involved with an Hour of Code event during Computer Science Education Week, December 6-12. We've put together a newsletter of resources that can be found here. Please share these with the educators who may be interested in participating.

AEA Computer Science Webinar Series

The Statewide AEA Computer Science team put together a series of short videos about Computer Science in Iowa, here is a link to the YouTube Playlist (topics include; standards overview, requirements, K-12 planning, high school, and elementary requirements).

Use AEA Scout to Find Documentaries

A high school social studies team recently asked if Heartland AEA had documentary videos. A single search in AEA Scout shows 600+ titles from PBS Learning Media, Learn 360, American History in Video, AEA Digital Library.

Here's a search path you can take.

Choose Advanced Search

Enter documentary

Select Video under Format

Don't forget that you can share links to videos with students (must be logged in).


Food, Inc.: the dollar menu

Outlier: the story of Katherine Johnson

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's continuing fight for equality

History of the Iowa caucuses

Farming today still impacted: 1980s farm crisis

AEA Scout allows you to add your own notes to the video record.

Image from PBS Learning Media.

Culture Grams and Standards

Culture Grams meets or develops these national standards:
  • Common Core State Standards Initiative
  • United States History Standards (National Center for History in the Schools)
  • World History Standards for Grades K-4 and 5–12 (National Center for History in the Schools)
  • English Language Arts Standards (National Council of Teachers of English and the
  • International Reading Association)
  • Social Studies Standards for High School (National Council for the Social Studies)
  • Social Studies Skills (Partnership for 21st Century Skills in cooperation with the National
  • Council for the Social Studies)
  • Social Studies Standards for Middle Grades (National Council for the Social Studies)
  • Library Literacy Standards for Student Learning (American Association of School
  • Librarians)
  • Standards for the 21st-Century Learner (American Association of School Librarians)

For more detailed standards, go to and scroll down to the footer to find Curriculum Standards (PDF).

Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit

Each year Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook and Tech Like a Pirate, hosts the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit. This free virtual event is open from December 13 -January 7 and is a great opportunity to learn from national leaders. It offers nine great speakers -- one new video interview released per day. All videos -- more than 70 -- will be available in December and early January. Like any other conference, when it's over, it's over and the videos will disappear.

Register here.

Some of the scheduled speakers include:

  • Jen Giffen, Teacher Librarian
  • Merve Lapus, VP of Education Outreach & Engagement, Common Sense Media
  • Chanel Johnson, Science Specialist, Clayton County Schools (GA)

Professional Readings, New Reports and School Libraries

From the November 8 SLJ:

​​"For moving people, data has nothing over story. And so we bring you this narrative presentation on the state of school libraries. In this special edition newsletter, we’ve assembled the coverage, which encompasses findings of the School Librarian Investigation: Decline or Evolution? (SLIDE) report and our stories covering advocacy, legislation, community, and the capacity of school libraries to forge strong connections.

.. .With school libraries in the headlines, it may be an ideal time to take this report, available for download, and share it with your administrator, or use it to start a conversation about libraries and their importance toward literacy, learning, critical thinking, technology skill-building, and so on, with parent and teacher groups, district leadership, and community stakeholders. "

This article was linked in the ASCD SmartBrief this fall:

New Spanish Chapter Books

A few teachers asked if we could update our Spanish language collection with some more popular titles. These are available for checkout from the Heartland AEA library.

  • Definicion por penales PI 2012 64p. Call#: SL F Mad

  • El crossover IJS 2019 249p. Call#: SL F Ale

  • El lanzador bajo presión PI 2012 65p. Call#: SL F Mad

  • El maestro que olvidaba casi todo PI 2020 79p. Call#: SL F Bre

  • El pueblo que casi desapareció PI 2020 79p. Call#: SL F Bre

  • El rebelde de la patineta PI 2012 65p. Call#: SL F Mad

  • El tramposo de BMX PI 2012 64p. Call#: SL F Mad

  • El zoológico con la jaula vacía PI 2020 81p. Call#: SL F Bre

  • Eva y la nueva lechuza P 2017 71p. Call#: SL F Ell

  • Frida, el misterio del anillo del pavo real y yo I 2018 223p. Call#: SL F Cer

  • Tiro libre PI 2012 65p. Call#: SL F Mad

  • Just wanted to share the excitement...

    We spoke with Tales2Go last week and they will be adding hundreds of new nonfiction digital audiobooks second semester. No hard date yet.

    The Perry district will be up and running with Heartland AEA OneClick in January. Can't wait to share their story as they roll out this launchpad with single sign-on to students and staff. If your district hasn't completed the pre-boarding questionnaire, click here.

    We're developing a short online class for AEA Scout "certification". We hope it will be an engaging and informative way to learn about AEA Scout features, technology, and (most importantly) how it can be used in teaching and learning. Look for more information shortly.

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