Tennessee Valley Authority

Farming for a greener tomorrow.


Provided hydroelectric power to people in the United States. TVA taught farmers how to use the equipment more effectively. Electricity drew industries to the region and provided much needed jobs.

What did we do?

TVA built damns and other projects (damn controlled floods, aided navigation, and shipping along Tennessee river). TVA also maintains water levels deep enough for large ships, such as barges to get through the damn.
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Greener is better.

Who did we serve?

Mainly we served Tennessee. We also served workers in the Tennessee valley area. Residents also benefit from the hydroelectric power.

What did we accomplish?

We provided hydroelectric power to the people of Tennessee, and we also demonstrated new practices such as: flood control, we hired scientist to help the matter, organized meetings, and provided technical assistance.

How does it affect us today?

Today we have learned how to use hydroelectric power very efficiently. Also the jobs created from the TVA initiative have continued to stimulate the economy today. We still need people to run and maintain TVA.
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