By: Adam Heflin

I wish poem

I wish I still had my brother and sister

I wish I could relax and go fishing more

I wish I could wrestle more too

I wish I could go to every Iowa Hawkeye game

I wish I could see my grandpa and grandma more often

I wish I could spend more time with all my family members

I wish there was no terrorist in the world


Fishing is the best

You can relax and be free

Fish is good to eat

I can make good food

I can make delicious treats

Cooking is the best



Chris J.

“Buy Me a Boat”

Chris Janson sings country

Chris Janson is a younger guy


I am poem

I am funny and kind

I wonder if I'll go to college

I hear the voice inside my head

I see the Vikings going further in the playoffs next year

I want to meet the Iowa Hawkeye football players

I am funny and kind

I pretend I'm good at wrestling

I feel smart

I touch a champion fish

I worry about the terrorists in the world

I cry about my brother and sister

I am funny and kind

I understand I can be a bad kid

I say I love God

I dream about being a chef

I try my best in sports

I hope I live a successful life

I am funny and kind