Say No To Sex

Shandaisha Spencer-Watashe

Overall Consequences of Sex

One consequence of sex is catching a disease like HIV or Aids.

A second consequence of sex is getting pregnant unintentional.

The last overall consequence of sex is you might regret having sex.

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STD Major Consequences

Gonorrhea- Can cause blindness to a baby.

Hepatitis B- Can get liver cancer.

Herpes- painful blisters in the area where the virus enters the body.

HIV & AIDS- Death is the major consequence.

Syphilis- can get several forms of different cancer.

Genital Warts- They can increase in size and number.

Chlamydia- Can cause permanent and painful damage to the reproductive and urinary system.

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Birth Control Methods

The best birth control method is abstinence.

The second would be a combination of birth control and using a condom.

The third best is just using a condom with spermicide.

The fourth method would be a female condom.

The last one would be a diaphragm.

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Responsibilities of Having a Baby

Providing a home for the baby is a responsibility of having a baby.

A second responsibility of having a baby is feeding the child.

The third responsibility of having a baby is choosing and providing for the child's education.

Another responsibility is the expenses for the baby.

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Safe Delivery Act & Other Options/ Help For Mothers (Parents)

An organization called Global Fund for Women. The organization is a benefit for single mothers to improve them and their babies life.

Another safe delivery act could be taking the baby to a hospital, police station, or fire house (have 72 hours no questions asked).

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Under Age Sex Consequences

Going to jail could be an under age consequence.

Another consequence is you can be listed as a sex offender.

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Benefits of Abstinence

When you're abstinent you want have any regrets.

You want have to worry about catching any diseases when your abstinent.

When your abstinent you might end up finding the right partner.

You want get pregnant if you're abstinent.

Another benefit of abstinence is no birth control for women.

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