GWMS Sunday Message

Week of February 1

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Kudos to…

  • Custodial staff for all of their hard work around the clock getting our building clear of snow.
  • Ms. Christy, Mr. Boykin and Ms. Kress for helping with 6th grade lunch on Friday.
  • Ms. Mata and Ms. Hein for helping Friday morning.
  • Ms. Given, Ms. Schoemer and Ms. Freear for assisting a student with getting new eye glasses and tennis shoes.
  • Ms. Lowry, Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Ballering for helping to cover classes on Friday.
  • Ms. Goodwin and Ms. McQuaige-Johnson for going above and beyond with one of our students - thank you!
  • Ms. Feiler, Ms. Ferruzzi and Ms. Haisfield for helping with 7th grade lunch on Friday.

If you'd like to add your own Kudos the link is here.

Staff Member of the Month

Each month we will highlight a staff member of the month. This person will get to use the “Staff of the Month” parking spot near Door 3. For February, the Staff Member of the Month is Anika Buster-Singleton. This year Ms. Buster-Singleton has been nominated as the GWMS staff member of the year due to her amazing content knowledge, ability to connect with her students and her dedication to our school. Congrats Ms. Buster-Singleton!

Now it is time for our PBIS vocabulary game….. WORDS WITH FRACULTY

WORDS WITH FRACULTY! This week’s intellectually snobbish, impractical, obsolete, and vacuous word will be stated on the announcements. Students will be challenged to use the word in its proper context per the appropriate content area to gain prexie love in their classes.

THIS WEEKS WORD: Billowing - swelling, fluttering, waving

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National School Counseling Week

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) has designated February 1-5, 2016 as National School Counseling Week. The theme for this year is “School Counseling: The Recipe for Success.” Please take this week to recognize the unique contribution that our school counselors make in the lives of our students. Thank you to our GWMS Counselors:

Stephanie Smith

Heather Clark

Stacey Thomas

Bernadette Brown

Emily Boydstun

Kimber Shoemaker

Ben DeRigge

PBIS - February Pillar is RESPECT Reloaded!

The Prexie Pride Pillar of the Month is Respect Reloaded! This month we will focus on Black History Month and Respect by using the theme, What Are You Fighting For? Each week we will use specific events from African American culture to highlight this theme and challenge reasons why they should demonstrate respect for themselves, for their peers and adults, for example:

  • Montgomery Bus Boycott vs. Following directions on the school bus, What Are You Fighting For?
  • Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-in vs. Following directions in the cafeteria, What Are You Fighting For?
  • Overall Civil Rights Movement vs. Following simple requests, What Are You Fighting For?

Our goal this month is to help our students understand that they don't need to fight (fight by not putting forth effort, fight following simple requests, fight their peers) because the fighting has already been done for them! We want to take away any excuse they have not to demonstrate respect by asking them the question, "What Are You Fighting For?"

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be Thursday, February 25. Early dismissal will occur for students on both February 25th and 26th. Conferences will only be held on Thursday, February 25th until 7:30 p.m. For the February conferences, all grade levels will be holding them as teams. Each family is alloted a 10 minute slot. We will be working with team leads to further explain the scheduling process. There was great success with this format in 7th grade in the fall and we look forward to using it schoolwide in February.

AVID Professional Learning

Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 3:30-5pm

1005 Mount Vernon Avenue

Alexandria, VA

During this session participants will learn about the foundation and mission of AVID and AVID Schoolwide. Additionally, staff will gain a greater understanding of WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading) and how it serves as best practice methodology in the instructional setting.

20 Recertification Points! Come join the fun.

Repeats each Wednesday until March 2.

Sign Up Link:

Student Surveys

All teachers will survey their students and complete a summary of survey results each year, no later than February 1 or the established Mid-Year goal check for evaluation purposes. The purpose of the student survey is to collect information that will help teachers reflect on their practice. The feedback is expected to be used by the teacher for growth and development. The student survey may provide information that may not be accurately obtained in observations.

Four different versions of the student survey are provided on Blackboard to reflect developmental differences. Teachers of grades K–8 administer the survey to the entire class. In situations in which students change classes, teachers should administer surveys to at least two classes. Teachers may revise the surveys at their discretion and may ask another teacher or staff member to administer the survey.

The teacher retains sole access to the results of the student surveys, with a summary of the survey data provided in the Documentation Log through Talent Ed. You can not see the reflection summary until it is submitted. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your evaluator.


It's that time! If you are a probationary teacher P1, P2 or P3, please work with your evaluator to make an appointment for your mid-year PLP meeting.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp has proven to be a great way to keep our GW families in the loop with all of the fantastic things that go on at GWMS. Thank you to everyone for your contributions…..KEEP THEM COMING! You are doing great work with our students and the parental feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Continue to send your pictures and short write-ups to Ms. Barnes - - to share all the wonderful things going on in your classrooms.

Thank you!


Please stand in the middle of the hallways and actively monitor and support students on their way to class. We need to perform as a unified team in this respect. The power of the many is what makes transitions smooth and orderly. Simply put, we cannot do this alone.

Saturday School

There will be Saturday School on January 30th. Please make sure you fill out the Saturday School referral form and send all work to the 7th grade office for Ms. Benitez to have ready for the students when they check in.

Restorative Justice

Community and relationship building, lessons will be resent this week. Please take time during homeroom to complete these lessons.

Upcoming Week

Monday 2/1/16

WIDA Testing


Tuesday 2/2/16

WIDA Testing

Professional Learning - Conference Scheduling

  • 3rd (6th Grade)
  • 5th (electives)
  • 7th Period (8th Grade)

Leadership Team Meeting - MPR 3:30pm

Wednesday 2/3/16

Superintendent Chat 8:30am Library

WIDA Testing

VGLA Team Monitoring 2pm - 4pm

Thursday 2/4/16

WIDA Testing

Friday 2/5/16

Saturday 2/6/16

Saturday School - 9:00am - 12:00pm