Ms. Reisini's class

This week

-For being the first full week of K we did great!

-We are still working hard on getting green dojo's and learning how to follow rules and procedures

-We started letter land this week and have learned the letters C, D, and H. These letters can be talked about at home and you can challenge your kids to think of words that begin with these letters! They loved the letterland songs!


-Please remember to send in a change of clothes for your child if you have not yet sent one

-Please remember to put their snack inside their backpacks, this has gone so well this week! We also want to make sure that snack is something that is on the healthier side as well as something that is going to tide them over until lunch time. We don't have lunch until 12:20 and we want to make sure they are eating something that is going to give them energy and carry them through until then!


-We have been working so hard on getting green dojos

-This week we started with a Dojo tracking chart, each chart has goals on it (25,50,75,100) each time a student reaches a goal they will receive a coupon, these are for rewards such as line leader, ipad time, teacher helper, wear a hat in class, things that the students can work on earning for getting green Dojo’s. Each night these dojo charts will go home with your child in their green folder, this is an opportunity to sit down together and color in their green dojos, ask them about what earned them the green dojo’s and praise them for it! This is also a chance to talk to your child about what is expected in the classroom and at school, the more we carry this from home and school the more they will work on their good choices!

Have a great weekend!!