Willemstad morning news

christian leffingwell

interview with phillip

Interview phillip

WMN Hello Phillip do you mind if we ask you some quick questions?

P OK go for it

WMN OK how did you get on the cay?

P Well my mom was getting scared because of the war and how it was slow coming to where we were.

then she took us on a boat and we sail to the USA. Then we were torpedo.

WMN How did you become blind?

P Well me and timothy thought it was because from looking at the sun for to long. But then the doctors said it was because i hit my head with a piece of the boat.

WMN Who is this Timothy?

P Well timothy was the person that grab me and saved me from drowning and from not being with my mother.

WMN Were is timothy now?

P He is in a better place now.

WMN Oh I am so sorry how were you rescued if timothy die there?

P Well there were many thing i did to get a plane to see me like put up the black smoke.

WMN So after timothy died you were all alone now right?

P No, I had a cat named stew cat which he kept me company.

WMN How long were you on that island?

P I think it was since the last may i think.

WMN So are you going to be blind forever?

P No, I have to wear glasses to see for the rest of my life.

WMN So did you ever get to see your family?

P Yes i could hear them tell operations.


Timothy age unknown height very tall

from Phillip he says that timothy was a orphan says Phillip.

timothy was a very nice man was always giving he has been work on the deck since he was 16 years old he work as A deck man. Timothy died of old age on a small island the cay in the devils mouth very small.

Timothy of Charlotte amaie and his garden Hannah gumbs thank you and good luck.


Pearl harbor in DEC 7 the japan bomb the USA which enter the USA.

The US won the battle of midway in japan navel base.

Japan takes Singapore from the British and takes 60,000 prisoner


The Willemstad team is a little league winner for there baseball skills and there other sports.

But they are the best at baseball because they have very few people that made it to the MLB that are stars.

This is Willemstad baseball team the all ready royal blue.


Army- This is what the title says you are in the army fight for are contey.

navvy- This is when you are sailing across the blue sea fight other.

factory-factory works.

world war 2

I do not like world war two because we are the contey that ends the war for once and for all.