Oregon State University

Beaver Nation!

Basic School Information

Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, Oregon. There are 28,886 people enrolled here, with a 24:1 student-teacher ratio. It would cost around 51,591 dollars to go there including tuition, housing, and cafeteria rates. I am interested in the career path of an Athletic Trainer and OSU has a new specific graduate program for athletic training coming out this year. In order to get in this program I must have a secondary school GPA, secondary school record, completion of college preparatory program, and take the SAT/ACT.

Available Community Volunteer Work as Training

I volunteer currently at the Asante Youth Volunteer Program, and I plan on volunteering there until I start college. I would also like to volunteer at a local health clinic focusing on sport related injuries. This will help me in my future career path because I will need to be able to work as an athletic trainer and will get tips from the people I work with. It will also give me a taste for what my career will look like.