Ludwig van Mozart Vivaldi Beethoven

1770- 1827

By: Thomas Reiser

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Beethoven's Early Life

Beethoven was born on December 17, 1770 in Germany. Beethoven was one of the seven children in his family. Beethoven grew up loving his mother but his dad was a alcoholic who cared nothing for his family. His moms name was Maria and his fathers name was Johann. His mother died when he was around his 20's. When his mother died his sister died shortly after. When that happened he knew he had to be in charge because his dad could care less about the family.
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Where Beethoven lived most of his life

Beethoven was born in Germany. When he became a serious composer in his 20's he moved to Vienna to start getting to compose serious work. When he lived in Vienna Germany he met one of the best composers he met Mozart. When he moved to Vienna he never came out of the house and only composed music. He was so concentrated on his music he did not even focus on his own needs like bathing and eating.
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 | Gustavo Dudamel [HD]

Beethoven's Music

Beethoven's music was incredible he would make pieces and perfect them off that. He always wanted his music to be perfect even if it took him 12 days to make it he will continue trying to perfect that specific piece. This is Beethoven's best symphony in my opinion because it goes fast to slow every single minute. He would often times throw stuff at people if they did not perform it right the first time.

Other known Music

Symphony No. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Moonlight sonata

Piano Music-

Beethoven's Legacy

Beethoven overall is a composer who struggled a lot but he still did not give up on writing music even when he was depth. He was one of the best composers ever making hundred's of pieces. His Music is even composed and heard nowadays.