All about me

Nadia Rojas

Introducing myself

My name is Nadia Rojas Robledo. I am 14 years old. I live in Bescanó and Salt, in Bescanó with my mother and my brother. In Salt I live with my father. His name is Max and he is 10 years old. My favourite color is green.


In my free time I like going shopping, listening to music, dancing and watching movies with friends.

Physical description

I'm tall, I have dark brown eyes, My hair is long and I have straight hair.


In my house I have got one cat her name is india, and I have one turtle. My favourite pet are the cats. I love cats.

My personality

I am always happy, friendly and a little shy, but my friends always do silly things.
I love being with my friends, I love them very much, they are like my family.