Reasons Why

Technology has had a Good Impact on Education

Technology has had a good impact on education with the different devices and websites we have today. We can use different devices such as laptops and tablets to make learning and researching stuff much easier.

How its Helpful in the Classroom

Technology can useful in the class room because of the way it can make learning more interesting and interactive. Programs like Yudu can allow you to have online textbooks that you can take notes and make bookmarks on them.

Clarksville School District

In the Clarcksville School District every student from 7th-12th grade received a net-book to be used in school at home. This program cost about $500,000 and will cut cost from having to buy papers.

Ways Learning With Technology can be More Interactive

Ways learning may be more interactive are different programs and websites. E-flashcards is a good example because students can go to the website and make flashcards and studies.