1930's Dustbowl in Texas

By: Soumil Chopra and Adi Chintalapudi

What is it?

The 1930's Dust Bowl was a period of severe dust storms causing major ecological and agricultural damage to southern state's prairie lands. The occurrence was caused by severe drought combined with a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion. Deep plowing of the topsoil of the prairie lands in the preceding decade had displaced the natural deep-rooted grasses that normally kept the soil in place and trapped moisture even during periods of drought and high winds (high winds such as tornadoes). It was a very tragic time for the farmers. It was even more tragic for the many farmers that were in debt already, because of the Boom and bust theory.

When was it?

It started on April 14, 1935. The day was known as the "Black Sunday", the event started in southern Oklahoma and spread to the farm lands in Texas. Thousands of people were forced to move out of their farms and move to somewhere else, most of them were known as Okies, because a lot of them were from Oklahoma. Most of the people moved to California, because it was a developing state.
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In conclusion the Dustbowl basically affected the farmers, Not only that: but it also ruined a lot of people in the parts that were affected by the droughts. It was harder to get water and food. For water it was so in demand, because well there was a drought. The food was also in demand, because a lot of people didn't want to go in the area and most people who made the food had left the area. This especially affected the farmers that were already in debt from the Depression and from the boom and bust. This was basically in a whole, a tragedy for the agriculture industry, but more than that it was a lesson that the whole America learned from.


  1. When did the Dustbowl occur (exact day required)?
  2. Where did the most people move to During the Dustbowl?
  3. Who was affected the most, because of this event?

Trivia Answers

  1. April 14, 1935
  2. California, because it was a growing state and a lot of industries were forming in California
  3. Farmers who were in debt after the depression and, because of the boom and bust theory

2 questions

1. What caused the topsoil to become unstable and break down?

A= The farmers kept deep plowing the topsoil making it breakdown and eventually it was swept away from wind erosion.

2. What were the people who left Oklahoma and moved, because of the Dustbowl called?

A= Okies