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Our faculty newsletter....

Abney's Accolades and Acclamations (aka A Cubed)

  • Many parents stopped by on their way out last night from Curriculum Night to tell me how much they appreciated your communication style. Time and time again they talked about the warmth and dedication you have to their children, to our campus, and to your profession. Way to GO!!!!!
  • We owe a huge shout out to each other for the smoothness of the arrival and dismissal this week.
  • Thanks for the great feedback on the faculty meeting. It was great for me to gauge where we are and what we need during these meetings.
  • Week three is upon us. Now that we have our new building logistics ironed out, I can hardly wait to see our curriculum game in action.

Here is the Parent Newsletter for this week.

For clarification....

  1. For dismissal, remember that the older siblings are walking down to pick up the younger siblings. Then, they are returning to the oldest sibling pick up area.
  2. Always read the "For clarification" portion of the News Now with Norris that is emailed to parents to make sure you are up to speed as well.
  3. Keep your websites updated weekly! We have a parent population that are very tech savvy and like their information at their finger tips.
  4. It is imperative that you plan in advance, as much as you can, for taking off for leave. This means you need to 1) request it via Formspace, 2) Locate a sub...know that you KNOW you have one, 3) place your absence on AESOP and 4) get coverage for all of your duties.