Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman Elementary

What's Happening This Week:

Monday- B Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE! Soccer Intramural 7:30AM. Tiny Guitar Club 3:45PM.

Tuesday- C Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE! Soccer Intramural 7:30AM. PLC's in Lighthouse Lounge. SPED PLC's @ 4:00PM. Girls on the Run 3:40PM. PTO Meeting 6:00PM.

Wednesday- D Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE! Soccer Intramural 7:30AM

Thursday- A Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE! Soccer Intramural 7:30AM. Staff Meeting 7:30AM in the Library. Girls on the Run 3:40PM. Spirit Squad Practice 3:40PM.

Friday- B Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE! Soccer Intramural 7:30AM

PLC Agenda:

Math Data Team

Possible Retention (Data must be provided to prove retention.)

Instructional Supplies for 2018/19

Technology PD at Zitzman

Thursday, Apr. 19th, beginning with a Tech Forum at 7:30 AM:

I’ll give a quick tour of the new Classroom 360 view in SIS. It’s easier to navigate with an updated look!

Take a look at how you or your students can project from a Chromebook to your classroom display using Cast for EDU.

Need any help with using Google Forms for exit tickets or Sheets for data collection? Want to find out what Forms and Sheets Add-Ons can do for you?

Stop in during the AM with any other questions you might have.

I’ll also stick around to meet with you or your team during plan. Can I give you a hand with setting up an exit ticket in Forms? Maybe you’d like to take a closer look at Classroom? Or would you want to investigate digital portfolios? I’m glad to visit with you on whatever problem you’d like to solve.

Be sure to sign up at the Professional Growth website:

  • For before school (Classroom 360, Cast for EDU, Sheets, Forms, or any other questions):
    • Sign up for the Staff Tech Forum.
    • We will meet in the library from 7:30 – 8:15 AM.

  • For a Tech Visit during the day, click Forms > Request a Tech Collab…
    • There’s a link to my calendar at the top of that page, so you can see when I’m available and pick a time that works for you.
    • Click submit, and we’ll get a meeting scheduled.

Attendance from March:

Please review the slides in the link below with your students during a class meeting this week! Keeping them updated and aware of trends and what number they are accountable for is helpful for them when taking ownership and keeping attendance a top priority.

March Madness WINNER is:

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Mrs. Grodie's Class - 97.3%

Ms. Mueller's Class - 96.6%

Attendance for April

A flyer went home regarding school-wide attendance for the month of April.

This is school-wide for each student solely for the month of April! So they can start fresh and work towards 95% or higher attendance with just April in mind.

Once April is over we will pull the list and from there we will find a calendar date (not to interfere with MAP Testing) and take grade levels out to the playground for a dance party and some extra recess. *Teachers you will be left in the classroom with the remainder of the students, who did not meet this percentage.

Talk it up and let's get these kiddos excited about coming to school!

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Reflection Leading to Action

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Reflection is an important component of quality teaching. As teachers, we are trained to think deeply about our emerging and improving practice, all with the expectation that the emphasis on that act will not only become habit, but also will serve as a continuous springboard for growth and change; the intention is not simply to think about it, but also to act on it.

Really, reflection should be ReflAction — reflection + action.

That seems simple enough: think about it and then make a change based on your observations and data.

Employee Handbook- Professional Expectations


Timekeeping Compliance Guidelines

An Acknowledgement of Receipt of Timekeeping Compliance Guidelines form must be signed each fiscal year. Failure to Comply Recording false information, altering time records or completing the time record of another employee may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Employees are not to record another employee's time in or out. If an employee willfully records time for another employee, he or she is subject to immediate termination. If an employee intentionally alters information already recorded in the district timeclock software without prior approval from the central office, he or she is subject to immediate termination. Repeated missed punches in the timeclock are not acceptable. If missed punches or punch adjustments are excessive corrective actions will be taken up to and including termination. Clocking In/Out Employees will clock in for their shift and out at the end of their shift. Employees should not clock in 5 minutes before start of shift or 5 minutes later than end of shift unless pre-approved by their immediate supervisor. Time is automatically rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. Time is rounded up at the 8th minute and down at the 7th

Requests for Schedule Change/Overtime Approval Request - (Paula has the forms)

Request schedule change and overtime approval will be done in advance whenever possible; this can be done through the time clock system via the computer or by direct contact with the supervisor.

Time Clock Weekly Reconciliation Procedures – (Inform Paula)

Every Monday A supervisor is the building administrator, department director or coordinator and is responsible for making sure all guidelines are followed.

 If the employee misses an entry into the timekeeping system, the employee will notify their supervisor as soon as possible.

 During the administrative weekly reconciliation of time worked, if leave hours, except for preapproved vacation and personal hours, cause the employee to exceed their regularly scheduled workweek, leave hours entered will be recalled and returned to the employee’s leave balance.

 The supervisor will edit and approve staff hours every Monday on/or before 12:00 p.m. (Noon). LATENESS AND ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES FOR SUPPORT STAFF Although the District understands that there are times when every employee may be absent or late for work, the District cannot accept repeated absences or lateness. These guidelines are in place to ensure that every employee is contributing equally toward the success of the District. A fundamental component of all positions within the School District is that the employee be here, at their workstation, ready and able to work. Attendance Employees are considered to be late whenever they are not at their workstation on time. This includes but is not limited to:

 Showing up late for work

 Leaving work early

 Early leave or late return from meal break, if applicable 16 If something unexpected comes up and employees realize that they may be late or absent, they must contact their supervisor immediately. All lates will be documented for recordkeeping. Unless noted on timeclock, employee will be docked. If accrued leave time is available, employee will indicate “paid leave” type in timeclock and be paid for absence. Refer to policy for leave types and procedures for use of leave. The number of occurrences of lateness will be counted, not the amount of time late. Should a supervisor feel that an employee is missing too much time from work due to absence or lateness; these occurrences will be recorded and counted together based on the following disciplinary schedule:. See the empolyee handbook for the schedule.

It is the employees responsibility to clock in/out on time. This is becoming a problem for many staff members. Thus, taking a lot of the administrator and secretary's time to reconcile the time clock.


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12 Power Words

Teachers in grades 3-5 should create this anchor chart with their homeroom class this week. Students will participate in fun activities pertaining to these words while at lunch and at recess. Will your students know what these words mean?