Hershey Company

By : Michelle Buttts

Business orginization

The type of business is a company and one benefit is that it is a cooperation and a benefit of that is trust and safety.

founder and history of Hershey

The founder of Hershey was Milton S. Hershey, born in 1857. After two failed attempts, Hershey set up the Lancaster Caramel Co. In 1900 Hershey had sold the company and wanted to focus on perfecting the formula for chocolate bars.

Four facts

  • by 1900 the first Hershey chocolate bar was enjoyed by America.
  • In 1908 Hershey had launched milk chocolate with almonds.
  • 1926 Hershey syrup
  • 1941-1945 Hershey produces more than a billion ratio bars for the troops

would you invest in this company?

yes i would invest in this company because they get good business and have a successful business