Luis Bernal


Malaysias capital city is Kuala Lumper. The population in Malaysia is 29,628,392 in 2014. Titiwang Sa Moutains are in Malaysia. The north boundery of Malaysia is Vietnam, the south is Philippines, east is Indonesia, and west is Sri Lanka.


  1. The Orang Asli was the first known Malaysia.
  2. Malaysia did not enjoy being ruled by a Foreign government.
  3. Malaysia got more rights in 1971.
  4. In the 1400s Islam was brought by arab traders and missionaries.

People & places

  1. In Malaysia, most people speak Malay.
  2. Most of Malaysia is the Muslim religion.
  3. .8% of Malaysia has no religion.
  4. 19.2% is the Buddhist religion.


  1. A family all lives together.
  2. At free time, kids might wash dishes.
  3. Kids invent games and play them outside.
  4. Most kids go to school for nine years.


  1. Malaysia sells a lot of rubber.
  2. Most people use cars or motorcycles to get around.
  3. They use trains and airplanes for longer trips.
  4. East and west of Malaysia has no road.

Your choice

  1. 7% of Malaysias population are Indians from India.
  2. Most kids work at home.
  3. Kids mostly don't have any money.