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Week of March 18 - 22 and Week of March 25 - 29

Sami Circuit is here again!

Thursday, March 21 - Circuit Day at School

Sami Kadar is here again to give kids the message of health and confidence! Our second circuit day will be this Thursday, March 21 for our students. Students and staff, be sure to wear your workout clothes and be ready for some fun!

Tuesday, March 26 at 6 PM - Family Circuit Night!

Come and join the fun! Tuesday, March 26 from 6PM - 7PM, Sami Kadar will be hosting a Sami Circuit Family Night! This is a family event, so all students must be accompanied by an adult; students may not be dropped off unchaperoned for this event. Please RSVP with the flyer that was sent home in the past couple of weeks. Additional flyers can be obtained in the front office. A copy of the flyer is displayed below.

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First Grade Gate

Please note: The gate leading into the First Grade playground is now locked during the school day. This is for safety measures. Students and families should not be entering and exiting this gate during the school day. To ensure that students are kept safe, the gate will now be locked. Students can enter the First Grade playground from internal access on campus. Parents need to check in at the office if they need to be in that area during the school day. TK, Preschool and STP families should always wear their lanyards to enter that area and if you do not have your assigned lanyard, you will need to sign in at the office. Thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter.

CAASPP Testing Information

We are quickly coming up on our annual state testing time. This year, Parker Whitney will begin CAASPP Testing April 8 - May 17. This testing period is the window in which classroom teachers will schedule their testings sessions. Teachers will share specific testing times soon. Please see the attachment below from our Deputy Superintendent in regards to testing.

Lost and Found

Please note that all lost and found will be donated after April 12. If your student has misplaced an item, please take a look in our lost and found. Items can be found in the multi.

Spring has sprung! Dress Code

As the weather begins to improve, please remember we have a dress code for our students that must be adhered to. The full dress code can be found in our Student Handbook located on our website -

A quick reminder:

No spaghetti strap shirts - tank tops must be two adult fingers wide.

Shorts must have a minimum of a 5 inch inseam from each side.

No flip flops or backless shoes

No muscle shirts unless a t-shirt is worn underneath

If your student comes to school and does not meet dress code, they may be asked to change their clothes from the items we have in the office, or we will call home to ask a parent or guardian to bring a change of clothes.

The RUSD Elementary Dress Code is district wide and for the safety and modesty of our students. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pick Up Time!

Please remember, as you wait for your student at the end of the day, we need all adults and small children to stay behind the white line at the front of the school. This keeps the doors to the administration building free and clear, as well as protects our landscaping.

If you have small children with you, please keep them in your care. Do not allow your children to climb and run in the landscaping and the River of Kindness rock display. Please do not wait at the picnic tables located between rooms 2 and 3, as classes are still in session.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter!