Treaty of Greenville

By: Austin Burke

Battle of Fallen Timbers

Before the Treaty of Greenville there was multiple battles between the Native Americans and Americans. They fought each other for the land of the Frontier. The Battle of Fallen Timbers took place in what is now Ohio and happened around August in 1795. The battle ended the fighting of the Native Americans and Americans. The American forces were lead by commander Anthony Wayne also known as "Mad Anthony". After the battle the Americans lost about 33 men and 100 wounded but the natives had lost about double that.

Creating the Treaty

After the Americans won the war the Natives knew they needed to make peace. So in January that same year they brought representatives from multiple tribes to meet with Anthony Wayne at Fort Greeneville. It took eight months to create a treaty known as the Treaty of Greeneville. They also created another treaty in 1789 called the Fort Harmar Treaty which allowed the Americans to fairly take the land. This treaty also gave the Natives money for there land in the form of goods.
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The meaning of the treaty

The treaty expanded the border where Americans can settle in the northwest territory. It allowed people to settle east of the Cuyahoga River and all the way to Fort Laurens. Also there is a line from Fort Greenville going south, the Americans got the land west from that line. The natives got in return $20,000 worth of goods from the government and then $9,500 worth of goods every year. Even though the Natives gave up the land they still were able to use it for hunting.

After the Treaty

After the treaty the Natives let the Americans build multiple trading posts on their land. Even though the Natives just made "peace" with the Americans the Americans still passed the boundary line. This frustrated the Natives so once again the two began to fight again. Later in the early 1800s, Tecumseh and Prophet lead the Natives to regain there land that they originally had.
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My reaction

What really interested me was that over the time of creating the government the Americans never hold up to there side of the treaty or "friendship". The Americans didn't help the French when they needed help. Also now they aren't doing there side of the treaty with the indians and it seems like they're just taking advantage of everyone to make this country better. I think that because of that this will cause later problems with other countries. Also I thought the Americans don't take bribes and I kind of think that in this treaty they made the Natives wanted a bribe, so that could show weakness in our country.