Brown City High School PD Agenda

May 13, 2016

1:10-1:40 Tech Session

Lesley and Sandi will present some technology for the classroom ideas that they picked up at the MACUL Conference just before spring break.


Advanced Classes Assessment (Break into Grade Level Groups)

  • Look at students who are currently in "advanced classes" and determine if based on teacher opinion and student performance they still belong.
  • Look at students not in "advanced classes" and determine if we missed anyone.
  • If we are looking to move anyone "in or out" write a short explanation as to why we made that recommendation.

FYI--A letter will go out to parents in June (depending on timing of PSAT Scores) indicating that we feel their child should be in the "Advanced Class". The parents will then sign off on this or choose to put them in the non-advanced setting.

Placement in advanced classes will be determined by:

  • Data (both classroom and testing)
  • Teacher Input
  • Administration Input
  • Parent Input

2:05-2:25 Staff Self Assessment Survey

  • Each teacher will fill out a short self assessment survey about their opinion of strengths and weaknesses for the year
  • My hope is to do something similar for students to do later in the year, to gather their opinions on our performance



May Incentive (end of the year)

  • What to do
  • When to have it

2:35-3:00 Departmental Meetings

Concordance Scale--SAT vs ACT

Students can view SAT & PSAT scores on their College Board accounts

Each department will meet to discuss curriculum needs for the remainder of the year. We have given our state tests in most grades. What areas did you notice, or did kids talk about (struggling in) that we need to hit harder at the end of this year to prepare them for next year? Are there any areas that need re-teaching before the end of the year?