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Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel and its largest city, with over 800 thousand Residents. Government institutions are located in Jerusalem: the Knesset, the Supreme Court, the seat of the president and the prime minister's home.

The City Of David

The City of David is Jerusalem's ancient core, from which the city has grown and evolved through history. This city was chosen by King David, the capital of the kingdom of Israel and established a huge central position.

3000 years ago, david decided to leave the city and go up to Jerusalem to unite the people of Israel around one capital city.

Site experience inclouds a visit to the fascinating content, unique tour of their city of kings and prophets, where about half of the Bible were written, which took place in Jerusalem Biblical stories.

Infromation- City Of David

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₪ 29 per adult, child ₪ 15

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Student ₪ 25

Group (over 30 people): ₪ 23 adult, child ₪ 14.

Entrance fee three-dimensional exhibit - 13 NIS

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