Monthly Corporate Newsletter

The Director's Pen

Nelson Mandela infamously said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Technology in education is that effective tool which makes this powerful and effectual weapon accessible to all, even those who lack time, resources and space for formal education.

Going a step further for giving our learners a world class, personalised, elearning experience our assessments have been revised and we are on the verge of devising new assessment platforms for our learners.

Creativity knows no bounds and so does the learning. Enhancing the learning and teaching experience for our little geniuses and angels are the newly developed Art and craft modules created with the help of real video shoots and accompanied with instructions. Children can now watch, learn and explore!

With a vision to realise the sayings of Dr.Nelson Mandela we have now developed computer science lessons for juniors also, to bring in the magic of education and technology in every child’s life.

Our upcoming IB-PYP based modules come with a promise of lucid, engaging and immersive learning experience. The modules are the results of deep thinking , analysis and creativity of acore team of experienced educationists, savvy technologists, fluid writers and graphic enthusiasts. These learning packets have been created to spread the joys of learning and explorations.

Wingspan of Extramarks has grown bigger and wider with fully customised education solutions for South Africa. The big reception and good success in South Africa has encouraged us to fly across the borders and explore. Our endeavours have taken us to Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malaysia and we wish to spread knowledge and learning in Indonesia too.

Today, the learners are very well informed and aware of the world around them. They have a clear vision of the careers they choose and the concepts they learn. Extramarks has therefore, transformed from being just a learning boulevard to the holy grail of information from where the learners can just filter the best of the best.

Yours Sincerely

Ms.Meenakshi Gupta

Director Academics