Do you know the real meaning of Bionics

What are Bionics

What are bionics

Bionics are something that some people have that allow them to do things that some other can't. Or people have bionics to be like other people when they have limbs missing or they can't do certain things that other people can like picking up a glass of milk. Scientists work their brains off to help people with their problems. They try and make sure that all people are alike in medical terms and they are comfortable and happy. So ya, bionics are something incredible that modern day scientists have made to help be that have problems. I am very happy with the new invention that they have made. Sometimes things don’t work, and people don’t get want they want/need.So if you see a person with half a leg or half a arm and they are struggling please, help them out. the real definitionis the study of how humans and animals perform certain tasks and solve certain problems, and of the application of the findings to the design of electronic devices and mechanical parts.

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane is a teenager in london.Patrick Kane didn't have an easy start in life - aged just nine months he contracted meningococcal septicaemia, the virulent form of meningitis. This horrific illness resulted in a three month spell in the intensive care unit at St. Mary's Hospital in London, as doctors battled to save his life. While the doctors were ultimately successful in saving Patrick's life, they were unable to do so without tragic consequences: the amputation of his right leg below the knee, all of the fingers from his left hand, and part of each finger on his right hand.

Patrick received his first prosthesis, a passive device for his lower leg, shortly after his first birthday. Provided by the NHS, the device was very basic and wasn't particularly effective, and a few years later he upgraded to a more advanced lower limb prosthesis that met his mobility needs much better.

"I never considered an upper limb prosthesis until much later," recalls Patrick. "Of course, I needed a leg to be able to get around, but it wasn't until I was nine years old that I got my first prosthetic hand."

How long do bionics last

Bionics can last for about 10 years. They last a long time. The reason why they last so long is because the company wants the person to tell others that their products are good long lasting devices. I mean, come on, would you want someone to buy something and then five days later it breaks. Then the person telling someone else about how your product sucked and all of your products suck, and not to go there because it is crappy. Ya, I don't think so. Now when you want to build something you have to make last long, very long so customers won't complain. That is why bionics can last up to ten years because the scientists that make them don't want people to fall or have the device break or shut down and fall and break a hip, arm, or even a rib. So ya, you get the idea.