SMS Faculty Meeting Agenda

November 16

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify student at every level and break down students by teachers.
  • Verify current performance based on CDA, EVASS, IReady data and classroom performance to reconcile student list.

Code of Cooperation

We are in this together.

Confidentiality at all times

Be solution minded

Accept where we are. ( We are looking at the data and what it presents)

Be open minded

Time Line for the Meeting

2:45-3:00 Norms and Learning Outcomes and Data Overview Boone

3:00-3: 15 Presentation of Data Roberts

3:15-4:00 Data Dive ALL

  • Complete Spread Sheet with current grades, cdas and EVASS Data
  • Highlight all of your students

All data should be entered into the spread sheets by Friday.

Things to Bring to the Meeting


CDA Data


Grades for your classes