"Andreas Vesalius"

Belgian Scientist

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Andreas Vesalius was born 1514 in Brussels, a city that was in what is now known as Belgium. He came from a long line of doctors and pharmacists. Also, He was a brilliant scientist who's work changed medicine.

What was his job? What role did he play in the Renaissance that made him famous.

Andreas Vesalius was a talented scientist who studied anatomy. He studied and drew humans, and the proportions of the human body. His innovative discoveries changed the way medicine was made and what it was used for. Eventually, his medical practices became so well known that Spanish and Italian royalty hired him as their personal doctor. Lastly, the one thing that made him famous during the Renaissance, was proving the work of a Greek physician named Galen wrong.
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How was he eductated?

Like every doctor, he had to have an education.

Since he grew up around doctors and pharmacists, he also grew up around the knowledge of his relatives, so medical procedures and conversations probably happened daily.

Later in his life, he attended universities in Flanders, France, and Italy. Then, through the universities, he earned his medical degree, making anatomy the subject in which he specialized in.

What other skills did he posses?

Even though anatomy was what Vesalius was known for, he possessed a couple other skills that helped him in his work field.

One, he was a very talented observer, this allowed him to notice certain details that others would't notice. Second, he was a very good artist, this allowed him to make very detailed models and sketches of the human body.

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What were his biggest achievements?

Now that you know about his smaller achievements, here are some of Andreas' biggest achievements.

One, he figured out that the human heart has three holes.

Another one of his biggest achievements was, writing a seven volume book on the structure of the human body.

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Now you know most of what there is to be told about Andreas Vesalius. You know about his education, his job, what made him famous, his biggest achievements, and other cool skills that he had. Plus, if he hadn't been alive, then we wouldn't have the knowledge of the human body and medicine technology that we have today.

So thank you for reading, listening, and/or watching.