Infrared Waves

Grethen Rutland

Uses for infrared waves:

  • Cameras to study animals and plants
  • Satellites in outer space for images of stars, planets, the sun, etc.
  • Night vision goggles
  • Food warmers

    This picture shows a bird in an infrared image, the scale shows the colors that are hotter or colder.

Wavelength and Frequency

  • Frequency- 1x 1013
  • Wavelength- 25um-750nm
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This is a diagram showing and infrared wave compared to a radio wave.

Lie Detector using Infrared

  • This new invention uses infrared waves to show if a person is lying or not. The lie detector is placed around the head and shoots out infrared waves to your head. When the image comes back to the receiver, it shows the heat in your blood and skull, and amount of oxygen levels in the blood. Depending on the amount of heat the image you are able to find if someone is lying or not
  • This is more efficient than the older ones and can be used with court cases, police cases, and with some businesses, it can help make final decisions.
  • The new and improved lie detector was discovered on September 22, 2008 by Justin Mullins.
  • The lie detector itself is placed around your head, then it shoots out infrared waves into your head. The receiver receives a number which is the frequency number. The machine gets this number by using the infrared waves to determine the amount of oxygen in your blood and the heat levels.
  • This is more efficient because it works faster and is more reliable than the other lie detectors.
  • The more the infrared received back than sent means you are lying. The less infrared received back then sent means you are telling the truth.

This is a picture showing how the image is revived and the number is the heat.

This picture shows the invetion in color and shows the cords connected to the receiver.
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