Scientific Revolution

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What was the change?

The period 1300's through 1600's in Europe. Scholars replaced old assumptions with new theories. The decided what was true or false by looking in Greek and Rome bible. The the geocentric was earth centered view of the universe. The church also taught the same theory. It was also a new view in nature, replaced. During the middle ages, most scholars didn't believe the there was in object in the center of the universe. That's when the geocentric theory came along, Greek philosopher Aristotle . Than Greek astronomer Ptolemy expanded the theory saying that god placed the earth in the middle of the earth. During the mid-1500's few scholars published work that challenged ancient thinkers and church ideas. The way was based upon careful observation and accepting beliefs.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact the society at the time?

Medicine and Human body; during the middle ages European doctors accepted a fact from Galen. He never studied the human body but he did studied animals. He concluded it was much the same. Andres Vesalius proved Galen wrong. He published the book On the Structure of the Human Body. In the late 1700's Edward Jenner introduced vaccine prevent smallpox. His discovery inoculation with germs from cattle.


Planetary Theory

How is the change evidence in today's modern society?